FBC Exterior 2008

The Family Life Center is a 27,000 sq. ft. building expansion that will be completed in three stages as funding allows.

  • Stage #1 – The enclosure of the Family Life Center itself – providing 14,000 sq. ft. for a large group meeting space, large group activities, flexible space for classrooms, and medium size group meetings, a kitchenette, and storage. The completion of this stage will allow for immediate use of the space for a variety of activities.
  • Stage #2 – The detailed finishing of the Family Life Center. Completion of this stage will allow for the full range of ministry and activity that this addition is designed for.
  • Stage #3 – Construction of the Family Life Center Christian Education Wing. Completion of this stage will (13,000 sq. ft.) will double the current classroom space available for the biblical education of children and adults.

The Building Families of Faith Procedure

  • Debt-Free Building
    • God has blessed the generosity and faith of His people through the years. All of our ministries – including this building expansion effort – are debt free and will continue to proceed on a debt free basis.
    • Construction of each stage of the Family Life Center will proceed as funding is provided. The pace of completion is determined by the pace of funding.
  • Faith Based Giving
    • This three year Faith-promise funding effort will be in effect between November 2008 to December 2011. Your response is confidential and remains between you and the Lord.
    • This campaign gives opportunity for several kinds of involvement including prayer, financial gifts, gifts of labor and materials, as well as gifts of other types of assets.